Donate Your Car to Crime Stoppers

Donate Your Car to Crime Stoppers
April 17, 2012

Cars for Crime Stoppers

A-Jacks Auto Services & Towing in the Tri Cities has teamed up with Tri Cities Crime Stoppers to raise money for Crime Stoppers.

A-Jacks Auto Services & Towing is accepting your junk vehicle, boat or motorcycle as a donation to Tri Cities Crime Stoppers.  A-Jacks will be dispatched to your residence and pick up your junk vehicle free of charge.

It is important that a clear title for the vehicle be handed over to the A-Jacks driver.  It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is running or not. A- Jacks Auto Service &Towing will tow the vehicle and the proceeds of the vehicle’s scrapping or sale will be donated to Tri Cities Crime Stoppers.

It’s a great way to support Tri Cities Crime Stoppers and at the same time you clean up your driveway or yard by getting rid of that junk vehicle!!!! 
Your donation may be tax deductible.  Tri Cities Crime Stoppers is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Contact Mike Blatman, Tri Cities Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Coordinator at 509-582-1351 for questions or making arrangements to make your donation.

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Call (509) 582-1351 today or e mail to