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Speak Out for a Safe School

Students Speaking Out Tri Cities

School is a place where students learn, grow, and thrive. Students Speaking Out is committed to helping students make their schools a positive environment so that they can reach their goals.

Students can make a difference

Students play a critical role in school safety. Many times, students know more about what is happening on campus than teachers, administrators, or parents.

Students Speaking Out provides students with a way to anonymously report crime and dangerous activities taking place in Tri-Cities schools. Students can contact Students Speaking Out by phone, text, or web tip. We will pass that information on to authorities directly.

Supporting Our Schools

We are proud of our schools and want to see local young people achieve their dreams. By using your voice to make your school and community safer, you can make a difference.

Unfortunately, drugs, weapons, violence, and bullying are present at all schools. Speak out and make your school safer.